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Welcome to our 2019 Dance Angus Bull Sale What an incredibly difficult year it has been, especially following on from an extremely dry 2018. Like many of you throughout the Eastern states we have been supplementary feeding all of our stock to maintain our breeding herd and in efforts to present our young cattle in a saleable condition. Sourcing quality feed also presents its challenges but we are happy to say that the standard of the 40 bulls we are offering this August are of the highest quality. The dry weather has a way of unearthing those cattle blessed with genetics suited to harsher climates allowing them to hold condition when under stress. Originating at Millmerran, Queensland, our herd holds a certain resilience to dry conditions with those genetics in particular highlighted by the cow line beginning with foundation dam Double D New Design V1035 Z13 of whom we call “Federation Z13”. The progeny from this line continue to impress with their ability to maintain condition with minimal inputs. This line has become the cornerstone of our herd with progeny by sires J204, J205, J198 and L4 all featuring in this sale. Sons of Federation females include Lot 4, 17 & 20 all of whom are prime examples of the easy doing soft cattle we have come to value. The six sons of Millah Murrah Kingdom are a highlight with these cattle exhibiting the extra growth and length that made their Sire an all time top selling Sire. Two of the Kingdom sons are Embryo transfer calves out of star donors Federation J200 (Lot 4), a beautiful, maternal Emperor E343 daughter and the powerful, thick topped K5X Wilcoola J21 (Lot 11) who is a Raff Danny Boy daughter. Renowned US sire Thomas Up River is represented by an outstanding draft of seven sons all blessed with moderate birth EBV’s, solid 600 day growth potential and eye catching muscle expression. The five Millah Murrah Loch Up sons are a testament to their sire’s scale and length of body. Lot 14 is a prime example of the capacity of these heavy deep-bodied cattle. Dance Timeless J78 is a son of the wonderful Grid Maker daughter Z15 that has gone on to form the backbone of the Marcella Angus herd in QLD. His five sons are very sound, attractive cattle all exhibiting his growth and muscling. The J78 calves are robust at birth and grow quickly with these sons bound to improve the growth in most herds. Dance Emperor E343 J198 has only one offering this year but what a ripper he is! His easy doing nature, thick topline and depth of body made him a perfect choice for Lot 1. Dance Concensus 7229 J204 has two sons in the sale both showing tremendous grace and balance always standing out every time we enter the paddock. Dance Emperor E343 J205, another great sire of the Federation line, is represented by 3 lovely sons exhibiting evenness of fleshing, length and a strength of spine that sets them apart in the group. Lastly super heifer sire Dance Comrade L4 is out of a Thunderbird sired Federation female. This boy’s thickness has to be seen to be believed! Used over our maiden heifers with wonderful success. Two L4 sons will be offered at the sale, both with a great mix of superior carcase potential and calving ease. Our Autumn Bulls are all sired by Trowbridge BBB Powertool L11 a sire that impressed us at Sydney Show who went on to win Reserve Senior Champion in 2016. Powertool sons are big, correct and lovely natured cattle with plenty of growth. We have decided to offer free transport to anyone who requires it as a small incentive to help out in these difficult times. This reduced offering of bulls may be an opportunity to access our bloodlines. Please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself at the sale we look forward to meeting you.


David, Christine and Fergus Dance



Dance Angus Steer

2017 EKKA MSA Eating Quality Award Winner

2017 Brisbane Royal Show.
Our Dance Angus steer won a MSA eating quality award and was chosen to represent the Angus breed with two other steers for the Ken McDonald shield

Our Dance Steer weighed 354 kgs. Stood 4th in his class of 14 steers on the hoof, sold for  $7.10 dressed weight to Micks Meat Mart, went on to come third in the carcass and then to win an MSA eating quality award. #carcasswhereitcounts

2017 Sale Wrap

Top Priced Bull 2017 L98 $10,500

David Dance with 2017 Top Price Bull L98 Purchased by Shaun and Tom O’Brien ‘Pineview’ Bounder

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Why Choose Dance Angus Bulls

The Dance Family have been passionate about all aspects of cattle breeding, as well as nutrition, finishing and showing for 50 years. At the age of 19, David formed his first stud and since then has aimed to produce Bulls for the commercial cattlemen. For many years he has been ably assisted by his wife Christine and children Kate, Amy, Sarah and Fergus. Christine, a butcher’s daughter, had a firm idea as the direction the enterprise would take, and as a result meat quality has always been high on the priority list. [read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”] In 1990, Amy spotted a great Angus cow at the Rockhampton All Breeds Sale, which they subsequently purchased and began flushing. Fergus returned home from University in Brisbane with a renewed fervour for cattle breeding, and really began the ball rolling. A trip to Lawsons Angus record breaking 2002 Sale saw the purchase of New Design V1035 (Harry). This was a turning point for the Dance’s and accelerated their drive to produce great cattle for Queensland’s Northern and Western Markets. Since then they have been heavily involved in artificial insemination and embryo transfer and more sires have been purchased providing the highest quality back up.

The first Double D Spring Sale in 2000 successfully cleared approximately 40 Bulls. However, the Dances were eager to increase the size of their on property sale at Millmerran, without compromising our key indicators of a desirable, productive animal. With the commercial cattleman in mind and therefore the need to provide cattle with the genetics capable of producin the desired end result. We recognise the need to focus on meat quality and realise this can be challenging in any environment. The ever-increasing demand for quality table beef means it is essential for seedstock producers to take this into consideration.

The Dance Angus breeding herd has been built up and consists of both Herd Book Registered and Angus Performance Registered breeders. The progeny of these performance selected breeders are offer for sale each year. The Bulls are marketed for private treaty and also offered at the Spring Bull Sale on property at ‘Carribber’. A recent downsizing of the company has resulted in relocating all the stud’s breeders to their property at Glen Innes in Northern New South Wales.

Fergus has left us to take up a position with NAB Agribusiness in Toowoomba, taking with him a good deal of practical experience and knowledge that should stand him in good stead. Their daughters and sons in law, Kate and Jon Pinferi and Amy and Rhys Innes have decided to step in and help run the annual sale along with practical help throughout the year. Both families will have bulls available for sale in their respective locations in the future.

The Enterprise

The Dance Angus Stud comprises of both Herd Book Registered and Angus Performance Recorded cows. It is run on a Glen Innes basalt and granite property which has been pasture improved over the years. The breeding herd is now predominately Spring calving. Our heifers are joined to calve at two years of age. The entire female herd is synchronised and artificially inseminated to selected sires. Backup sires are then depastured for two months to give them every chance to get into calf. The females are pregnancy tested and empty cows are sold to make way for the retained heifers. We have found this practice keeps our calving periods tight and makes for a more even line at sale time.
Fertility is paramount in cattle production whether stud or commercial and we are very pleased with the fertility exhibited in our female herd. We aim to produce quiet, easy doing females with sound structure. It is very important for them to exhibit good milking habits, strong mothering traits and the ability to calve easily. Our aim is for the females to produce bulls with the genetic potential to maximize long term profitability as well as a good spread of figures which will attract the eye of the commercial cattleman. The Angus breed is known for its superior meat and carcase qualities, we strive for these qualities in our cattle; quality beef attracts a premium for both us and our clients.

We hold an on property Spring Bull Sale at “Carribber” Glen Innes in August selling approximately 70 semen tested bulls. Herd bulls available throughout the year, please contact us for further information.



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