The Dance Angus breeding herd has been built up to 400 Herd Book Recorded and Angus Performance Registered breeders,

with a high emphasis placed on fertility, docility, easy doing ability, paying close attention to mothering and milking traits.

Heifers are mated to AI sires at 15 months to calve unassisted at two years of age, and are not retained in the herd if they fail to do so.

Our APR and HBR cattle are run under strictly commercial conditions side by side.

An recent ET programme conducted with outstanding sires ‘Te Mania Emperor E343’ and ‘Connealy Concensus 7229 ‘ with one of our most consistent home bred females ‘Double D New Design V1035 Z13’ resulted in four bull calves being in our 2015 sale team. Lots 1,2 and 3 sired by ‘Emperor’ and Lot 4 the Junior Champion at Beef sired by ‘Concensus’. Pictured below are the sires & dam used in this ET program.

Te Mania Emperor E343 (AI)



Double D New Design V1035 Z13


‘Z13’ has been a phenomenal breeder, 21 calves registered in her lifetime, one flush resulting in four outstanding sires, seven daughters all retained for breeding. Sons ‘D4’ purchased by Ian Beck from Malanda, Nth Qld & ‘C8’ purchased by Max Graham ‘Retreat’ Goondiwindi topped the sale in their respective years. What a wonderful matron.




Connealy Concensus 7229


The  AI Sires  are selected each year  to reflect an ongoing desire to improve meat quality,  good muscleing, strong heads, good structure, and balance, without foregoing scale. Because in the long run weight is money and its all about the bottom line.

Purchased in partnership with Daryl McCarthy of Silver Downs for $21,000 is Senior Champion Sydney Royal Show Bull; Trowbridge BBB Powertool L11




Thank you for your interest in Dance Angus for more information please Email us.

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